SETLS is a cloud-based toy library management system designed to meet the needs of toy libraries everywhere.

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SETLS is a modern, powerful and user-friendly software designed specifically for toy libraries, created by Melissa Makin in 2014. Being a cloud-based system, SETLS has an automated email reminder system, extensive statistics (including visualised statistics) , volunteer rostering capability and generally saves time. Toy libraries deserve to have a modern software system - making them just as viable and ubiquitous as book libraries.

on the cloud

login from home, online, smartphone, renew and nominate for volunteering sessions. The general public can see a list of toys your library owns, including pictures which can help with their decision to join your toy library.

not just a database

smart search, dropdown menus, picture index of toys. Members and non-members can search toy library catalogues from home and administrators can perform duties quickly and easily.


integrated visual statistics and data: helping to inform smart toy library decisions, useful for putting on grant applications - helping your toy library garner more funds.

Toy libraries love SETLS!

Switching to SETLS

How to use?

SETLS is a browser based software. That means you access it from any standard web browser (including from mobile and tablet devices). This also means you can use it from any operating system your device has (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux, Other).

How easy?

SETLS is designed to be intuitive and extremely user friendly, and hence it is easy to learn how to use it. This is particularly ideal for toy libraries where multiple administrators or volunteers will be using it to perform loans and returns - as minimal training or instruction is required!

We convert your data

After signing your agreement to utilise SETLS, we do all the data conversion for you, with your first SETLS day being a day of your choosing. Full data conversion means that on your first day using SETLS, all your current loans, transactions, member histories, and volunteer histories (as well as toys and members!) will be in place as though you were using SETLS all along.

We aim to take the stress out of the data import and conversion process so that you can use and enjoy the new features of SETLS immediately.

Data conversion is taken care of at SETLS HQ. For paper based toy libraries, a list of toys and members in Excel format will usually suffice. For computer based toy libraries, we require a digital copy of the data.

Try SETLS first

Sample Toy Library has been set up for you to play with. Email to get an administrator level password and login. It contains real (but de-identified) toy library data, so you can try all the functions as you would in your own toy library.


75 c / active member / quarter
Fees cover website hosting costs, customer service, regular platform updates, to ensure that SETLS is a competitive toy library software. An active member is one who has loaned at least one toy in the past 3 months.
+$400 setup fee
For established toy libraries who are currently using a computer-based system, this includes converting your data.
or +$200 setup fee
For toy libraries currently operating through a paper based system - there will be minimal data to convert to SETLS (list of members and list of toys only).
or +$150 setup fee
For brand new toy libraries - who have *no* data to convert to SETLS format.

*all prices quoted here are in $AUD, and are exclusive of GST