The History of SeTLS

SeTLS was originally created by Melissa Makin, in 2014. Melissa had joined her local toy library committee and she was in charge of the Saturday sessions several times and was deeply frustrated with the existing software experience. She decided to create a modern, powerful, user-friendly software system that could deliver so many benefits including being cloud-based, having an automated email reminder system, providing useful statistics and generally saving time.

SeTLS was initially trialled by a handful of Victorian toy libraries, who continue to use it to this day. Today, SeTLS is used in every state and territory in Australia, as well as internationally in countries such as New Zealand, the UK, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Canada.

SeTLS was built for toy libraries but has found its place amongst special needs resource libraries, party hire businesses, family day cares, and physios. Where will it be next?

About the Owners

SeTLS is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Gavin and Caris, from Perth, Western Australia.

Gavin has over 25 years experience in software development, specializing in Health IT.

Caris has been involved with her local toy library since 2013, first as a member, then committee member, and eventually toy librarian. She is obsessed with "all things toy library", and spent 4 years on the committee for Toy Libraries Australia as their WA Liaison, supporting and learning from toy libraries all over Australia.

Together, they make SeTLS a product that is written for people who know toy libraries, by people who know software.