Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Data conversion is largely taken care of at SETLS HQ. For paper based toy libraries, a list of toys and members in Excel format will usually suffice. For computer based toy libraries, a digital copy of the data is usually sufficient: SETLS aims to take the stress out of the conversion process, so that you can enjoy the new features of SETLS. Please download our Members Inventory, Toys Inventory and Pieces Spreadsheet templates as an example of what fields can be included for upload if you are only providing minimal spreadsheets for your setup.
Yes! All SETLS sites include an SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. Using SSL is an industry standard for websites that perform online transactions with members. SSL ensures that data passed between your organisation's SETLS site and your members is completely protected and private.
We offer three database options for toy libraries. If you are using current desktop or online software to manage your loans, transaction histories, volunteer/roster histories, toys and members and want all of this information preserved we recommend requesting a full database conversion by us. This means all toys currently on loan/in library, members, completed volunteering duties, transaction histories etc, are integrated into the system at your first session using SETLS. It is also useful from a data analysis point of view to look at and compare membership and other trends from your toy library over time. We have dealt with processing and importing data from many different systems .

For toy libraries who are coming from a paper based system (or cards) but would like to have all their toys and members imported into the system by us we require a spreadsheet of this data to import into the system (see our templates below). Some toy libraries who have existing digital data (from another database system) may choose to only move across their toys+members data (as this is the lower cost option) also.

The blank database option means that toy library admins/volunteers will be entering toy and member data themselves.

SETLS was first created in 2014. It began running in trial mode at Collingwood Toy Library for three months, after which it was decided to keep SETLS. Since 2014, many more toy libraries have decided to switch to SETLS and are still happily using it!
162 toy libraries are currently using SETLS (see which ones!). Read some of their testimonials here. There are 121 in Australia, 36 in New Zealand, 3 in Malaysia, 1 in the UK and 1 in Canada.
SETLS understands that toy libraries are often not rich organisations. However, it takes time and money to create great software. SETLS strives to be the best toy library software available.Community banks often like to donate money to toy libraries - because they have a customer base who are looking for home loans. For example, Community Bendigo Bank will likely give you money for this kind of expense.If this option is not available to you, please email us, I'm sure we can work out a favourable solution. The department of social services (DSS) in Australia runs a scheme for volunteer organisations, and in their funding round for volunteer organisations in 2015, 29 toy libraries were successful in securing funding of up to $5000.
Yes. The SETLS database will be stored "in the cloud", so to access it, your toy library computer needs to be able to connect to the internet. This does not mean that your toy library needs to have a computer switched on (or a modem switched on) all the time.If your toy library doesn't have the internet, it is my understanding that grants exist for community organisations (such as toy libraries) to get internet access. I'll be compiling a list of such grants soon (if you know of any, please email me at admin@setls.com.au).
Your choice! SETLS is run as a "software as a service" - the grunt work is all done on a remote machine, and your computer simply accesses it through a browser. So, any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) of your choice, which is capable of accessing the internet via a browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer) will work..
Yes. SETLS started out in Australia but has expanded to New Zealand, the USA and the UK. Although the server is located in Australia, there will be negligible speed difference for toy libraries outside of Australia.
Not currently, however, if a significant number of toy libraries which use another language are interested in SETLS, we are more than happy to arrange a translation..
Yes - SETLS can be used from multiple computers at the same time.
Yes! Sample Toy Library has been set up for you to play with. Email admin@setls.com.au to get an administrator level password and login. It contains real (but de-identified) toy library data, so you can try all the functions as you would in your own toy library.
Currently a software manual for SETLS administrators (describing most of the functions and features of SETLS and how to use them) is available. We aim to respond to queries (by email) promptly and are available to be contacted by phone or skype to discuss issues. We are also developing instructional videos, some of which are available on our youtube channel which are linked under the 'Help' tab on SETLS.

Templates for data upload

Member Spreadsheet Template (xlsx) Toys inventory Spreadsheet Template (xlsx) Individual pieces template spreadsheet (xlsx)

Note that individual toy piece data upload will incur an additional $50 fee if you provide this information in an uploadable form (e.g. clearly separated columns as per the template here).